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Product Name, Company Name
Product Name Automotive Rubber Parts
Company Name INNORNC CO., LTD. [Company Information]


Product Name
Automotive Rubber Parts
SQ Mark (Certificate of Supplier Quality for HYUNDAI & KIA)
Korean National Quality Award First Prize (Gold Medal)?KSA(Korean Standards Association) etc
INNORNC CO., LTD. Is a global auto parts manufacturer and has expanded its business since the establishment of its factory and main office in 2000. INNORNC produces Automotive Rubber Parts and Anti Vibration Rubber Parts; Mount, Bush, Stopper, Damper, Diaphragm and others. INNORNC acquired SQ Mark (Certificate of Supplier Quality for HYUNDAI & KIA) and ISO/TS 16949. INNORNC produces and exports the most reliable automotive rubber parts worldwide. With ceaseless research and development, INNORNC makes it possible for its products to meet the various needs of its customers and makes utmost efforts to contribute to customer prosperity by supplying reliable products with cutting-edge technology as well as competitive prices as a lifetime business partner.
Automotive Rubber Part is assembled in between almost every kind of joint and connecting parts of car frames. It absorbs vibration and prevents noise caused by the car body.