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Product Name HSB GOLD
Company Name HONG SUNG BRAKE CO., LTD. [Company Information]


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IATF 16949, R90, AMECA
KS-QEI (2006 Year~2019 Year)
The abbreviation is also called KS-SQI. Developed jointly by the Korea Standards Association (KSA) and Seoul National University Institute of Management for the purpose of improving national happiness and quality of life by enhancing service competitiveness at the national, industrial and corporate levels. to be. In 2000, we surveyed 14 sectors focused on face-to-face service, and expanded the scope of surveyed companies and companies every year. In particular, from 2006, we expanded the scope to public administration services. KS-SQI is a service quality management system that can accurately assess the service quality level of a company and derive improvement tasks for continuous quality management. It has the characteristics to present specific diagnostic information and practical strategies. KS-SQI is derived by weighted average of the measured values ??of 7 components (main service, expected external service, reliability, kindness, active support, accessibility, and physical environment). The relative importance (weight) of the factors is derived using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The service quality index (KS-SQI) of the domestic service industry is derived by averaging the service quality index of the sectors surveyed. [Source] Korean Standard-Service Quality Index: Naver Encyclopedia

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