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Parts & Material

  • Engine, powertrain, Suspension, Steering, Brake, Body&Exterior, Interior, HVAC, etc.
  • Bearing, Bolt/Nut, Spring, Bellow, Oring, Rubber, Pipe, Tape, Tape, Tube, Steel, Metal, etc.
  • Paint, silicon, Sealant, Plastic, Polymer, Glass, etc.

Ev & Electronics

  • Electric Vehicle (Passenger/Commercial/Motercycle)
  • Battery, BMS, Charger, Motor, Inverter, Condenser, etc.
  • Switch, Sensor, Actuator, Harness, Coil, Relay, ECU, etc.

Accessories & Tuning

  • Visor, Carpet, Mat, Seat cover, Wheel cover, LED side mirror, Snow chain, Carrier, etc.
  • Tire, Wheel, Shock absorber, Muffler, Spoiler, Turbo charger, Disc, etc.
  • Oil, Lubricant, Adhesive, Additive, Air fragrance, Cleaner, etc.

Repair, Equipment & Facilities

  • Exchanger, Wheel alignment, Lift, heat dryer, Repair tool, etc.
  • Microscope, X-ray, Scanner, Analyzer, Battery tester, Design program, etc.
  • Welding machine, Assembly line, Marking machine, Surface treatment, Robotics, etc.


  • Autonomous vehicle technology and products
  • Wireless telecommunication technology and products
  • Semiconductor, Computer, Camera, Navigation, Blackbox, TPMS, HUD, etc.

Other products related to the automotive industry