Online Business Meeting Program Open!!, 10-19 November
Date 2021-09-30 Count 7926
KOAA SHOW, the Korean largest automotive industry exhibition, renewed the exhibition name as
‘KOAA.GTT SHOW’ and will be held 10-12 November, 2021 as scheduled at Songdo ConvensiA
in Incheon, KOREA and we welcome visitors online and offline.
[KOAA.GTT SHOW Offline Attending]
Please register your attendance in advance at the below link if you want to visit offline.
http://www.koaashow.com/eng/visitor/registration.asp > Online Pre-registration
[KOAA.GTT SHOW Online Biz. Meeting]
We prepared 1:1 Online Business Meeting for buyers who have difficulty attending offline.
It will be held from 10 to 19 November, 2021.
When you open the file linked,
* KOAA-GTT SHOW Exhibitors’ Profile Link:
You’ll see the detailed information of exhibitors including the Company Introduction, Turnover,
No. of Employees, Products & Pictures, Current Major Customers, etc.
To attend the Online Biz. Meeting
1st: Choose the companies you want to meet via online in the above linked file.
2nd: Fill out the below Reply Form and Send it to us(visitor@koaashow.com) ..
Then, kotra(co-organizer) will contact and guide you through their offices in your country.
* We offer interpreters for your language!
** Reply Form **
□ Index Number(Company) you chose in the linked file: ?                                                      
□ Your Company Information Details;
- Company name:
- Country and City:
- Buyer name and position:
- Telephone number:
- Mobile phone number:
- Email:
- Website:?
** Or, Your Business Card will be much helpful for me to match its purpose.
We look forward to your join in KOAA.GTT SHOW 2021 online business meeting.

** Contact **
AIN Global Foundation, 
One-on-one Business Meeting Team
(Mr) Ki-Soon, Seo / Tel. +82-31-384-4069, E. visitor@koaashow.com

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