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Product Name V2X RSU(W-BP12), V2X OBU(W-BP11)
Company Name ESSYS [Company Information]


Product Name
V2X RSU(W-BP12), V2X OBU(W-BP11)
TTA ? IEEE 802.11p PHY Layer Test/KC ? Certificate of Broadcasting and Communication Equipment’s
1. V2X -South Korea’s ITS Pilot projects using indigenously developed V2X Stack (certified), SDR modules and Systems -Daejeon-Sejong city C-ITS pilot project [phase 1] (MOLIT, Jul 2014 to Dec 2017) : 79 DSRC Road-side units, 3000 DSRC On board units, 15 Applications -Connected & Automated Driving R&D project(MOLIT, Jun 2015 to Jun 2020) : 38 DSRC Road-side units -Hyundai motor Hwaseong city pilot road project (HYUNDAI motors, Mar 2016 to Aug 2016) : 7 DSRC Road-side units(with SPaT) -C-ITS pilot project [phase 2] on highway(Korea Expressway Cooperation, Jun 2018 to Jun 2019) : 90 DSRC Road-side units, 700 DSRC On board units, 21 Applications -NXP(Chipset supplier) design house(Jan 2018) 2. Hybrid V2X -On Government demand, currently developing Hybrid V2X Services that use DSRC, LTE and C-V2X -Hybrid V2X Communication module project(MOTIE, May 2017 to Dec 2021) : DSRC; + LTE(2018), + C-V2X(2019 plan), + 5G NR(TBD)
1. V2X, Hybrid V2X -Automotive-grade LGA Type Modem Module -Main Chipset : Qualcomm MDM9628 -LTE/GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/GNSS -Voice/SMS/Data/eCall/GPS -SKT/KT/LGU+(Korea)/CU(China)/Bell(Canada)/Voda-fone(EU)/VZW(USA)/More providers 2. V2X RSU -Standars Conformance : IEEE 802.11p, IEEE 1609.X -Bandwidth : 10MHz -Data Rates : 3~27Mbps -Operating Range : -40 ºC to 85 ºC -Frequency Bands : 5.9GHz -Max Tx Power : +23dBm(ETSI Mask C) -Power Supply : POE 48V 3. V2X OBU -Small size & low cost -Embedded processor -Embedded GNSS with dead reckoning -IEEE 802.11p Access Layer -IEEE 1609.4 Network Layer software -Dual or single antenna operation -Dual or single radio operation -Unique Advance Channel Switching capability -Capable of switching to multiple Service channel after a control request -Outstanding performance under outdoor, mobile conditions -Security co-processor with tamper-proof key storage(HSM) -USB 2.0 OTG interfaces -CAN bus interface -Gigabit Ethernet interface -12V/24V Operation -Available in OBE enclosure 4. C-V2X Modem Module -Automotive-grade LGA Type Modem Module -Main Chipset : Qualcomm MDM9150 -Support V2X : V2V(Vehicle-to-Vehicle), V2I(Vehicle-to-Infrastructure), V2P(Vehicle-to-Pedestrian, V2N (Vehicle -to-Network) -Development in progress