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Exhibitors List

  • 2021
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Exhibitors List
Company Name Booth No. Item
DAEGYEONG ACETECH CO., LTD. 1428 Automotive Parts(Brake pad, lamp, Oil filter, Air filter, Engine oil ect.)
Daehun inc 1322 Rubber molded parts for Automotive, Molded hose, Sheet rubber
DAEJI METAL CO.,LTD. 3402 Exhaust system(Muffler, Catalytic Converter, Diesel After treatment device - DPF, SCR, DOC), Air Intake System (Air Filter, Housing)
DAEKWANG SINTER METAL CO., LTD. 3315 Center Plate and Rotor, Ring Gear and Gear, Vane Rotor and Outer-Ring, Bushing
Daeryo International Inc (DR Turbo) 1423 Remanufactured Turbo chargers, Brand new components of turbochargers
DAESHIN URETHANE CO.,LTD 1624 Brake Pads, Brake Shoe Assembly
DAEWHA FUEL PUMP IND., LTD. 3511 Mechanical & Electric Fuel Pump and Fliters(Oil & Air & Fuel)
Daeyong Industry co., 1619 Die Casting Parts (Valve Body, Steering Parts, Throttle Body, Compressor Housing)
DALLIZA CO., LTD. 2234 Spoiler, Body Kit, Exterior
DH Lighting Co.,Ltd. 2222 Automotive Halogen Bulbs / Automotive HID, LED Lamp
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